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Quantum Walking: Another Dimension


For human beings, walking is the most natural way of moving forward. It also allows the mind to relax, especially when walking is conscious. What is conscious walking? It happens when we experience our feelings in the present moment by sustained attention to our breathing, body and surroundings.

Vibrations surround us, and our reality depends on the frequencies we receive from those vibrations. The direction our lives take is directly related to our observations and our intentions.

During a Quantum Walk, the special rhythm of a hand drum eases our concentration and the sense of our presence in the moment. To achieve openness and clarity of our intentions, various relaxation techniques, strengthening and awakening of body and mind may be practiced, allowing us to “let it be”.

When we are able to reach a state of inner peace and freedom, intuitions echoing from our intentions may occur. Clear consciousness, revelations, coincidences… A pebble, a piece of wood, an animal or a panoramic view might go along with them. You may bring them back with you, whether in your bag or in your memory, as a catalyst to remember your intention.

Thus, you will create the right conditions to manifest what is dearest to your heart !

This activity, adapted to the group level, may take place somewhere else than in our mountains -- on a beach, in a forest or in the countryside, wherever -- as long as it is a peaceful place in nature.

If you would like me to join you, just ask…

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- Let's Walk the Way through Creative Steps

Creative ideas that flow from intention have a great likelihood of coming to manifestation. The more they are shared with others, the greater are their impact. When it is an intention to positively contribute to a conscious evolution, individually and collectively, the power of our creativity and its influence on our lives and our societies leads us to greater responsibility for co-creating our lives. With our greatly increased capacities today, we are reaching a crucial evolutionary point where innovation and change are essential to avoid a planetary disaster of epic proportion -- including human extinction. To enhance creativity and share it for the benefit of all, connected to all the people walking the same way : here is a system in motion - bigger than the sum of its parts - which can bring about a huge transformation. Those inspired choices have the power to lead us to a new human condition able to co-evolve with nature…