Here is an original activity, combining Conscious Walking with the development of Creative Thinking :

Creative Walking is a journey toward our own self, in touch with nature and the other. Walking is the basis and Creative Consciousness is the goal. During the walk, a special attention is paid to the breath and to the surrounding beauty, while creativity is the intention. Various techniques of concentration, relaxation, strengthening and awakening of body and mind may be practiced. A collective creation, based on the inspiration of the place and of the moment, is also considered. A unique present of freedom, from perception to intuition, from intuition to creation... [ More about ]


Next scheduled week-end stays :

April : 23 / 24

May : 13 / 14

June : 04 / 05 and 17 / 18

October : 08 / 09 and 22 / 23


Accomodations in a guest house, surrounded by great beauty, close to Sisteron

From friday in the evening to sunday, the individual price will be around 150 euros for the accomodations and 50 euros for the leader.

On saturday, we'll go hicking in the Monges Massif. In the evening it will be possible to get a professional feet massage (on reservation). On sunday, we'll walk and be real creative...

I have been able to get together the concept of Creative Walking thanks to my professional activities, as a Mountain Leader and as a Sculptor. The common thread is my passion for nature, earth sciences, astronomy, quantum physics, spirituality and artistic creation.

This activity, adapted to the group level, may take place somewhere else than in our mountains, on a beach, in a forest or in the countryside, wherever as long as it is a peaceful place in nature. Usually the whole session happens over a period of two days.

Information and reservation

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Eric Vissouze. La Dryade. 04140. Auzet. France.

tel. 33(0) 492 321 507

mobile: 33(0) 660 381 377


More about Creative Walking :

The fact that human beings walk upright is the primary physical characteristic distinguishing them from the animal realm. Standing on both lower limbs makes all the difference, thus allowing the brain to grow and thoughts to develop. That's why Pierre Gassend, or Gassendi, a great scholar of the 17th century, and a native of our mountains, remarked that it would be better to say "I walk, therefore I am" (Ambulo, ergo sum) rather than "I think, therefore I am" (Cogito, ergo sum), a famous quote from his contemporary René Descartes. The implications of this "I am" are immense, one of which may be "I create". My proposal can be translated as "I walk, therefore I create"...

Conscious Walking, originating mainly with Zen Buddhism, is an idyllic experience allowing one to intensely live our own feelings in the present moment, through sustained attention paid to our breath, body and surroundings, and ignoring everything that is not here and now. One step at a time, this practice of walking involves us in a "meditation-in-motion", liberating us from our worries and opening us to our true nature.

Thinking is the human activity par excellence, Creative Thinking is its outcome. We practice it in every moment, more or less (un)consciously, and too often in inverse proportion to what we want. The reality we experience is interpreted and shaped by our brain, which in turn emits thoughts and generates feelings. But we can control our thoughts and emotions while developing our creativity and blossoming into our full potential.

If this is personal development, it does not mean that it is self-centered. When we understand that we are all connected to the Collective Unconscious, it follows that the more people there are who think, believe, feel, and live the same values, the more these are reinforced and become common realities. Then, free spirits with awakened senses can certainly contribute to the positive evolution of this consciousness, for the benefit of all. Plus, practicing with a group increases the effects.

It is really the learning or the development of a lifestyle, an art of living. One of the most sublime art forms that exists, which refers to the realization of our true nature by manifesting, by carving a creative consciousness. Here, the tools are the walking body, the elevation of the mind, the commitment to the present moment, the meeting with ourselves and sharing with others, thus revealing our deep identity, freeing from their gangue the purest gems of our being.

Little by little, step by step, our imagination leads us always higher in spirit, still deeper inside ourselves, to a world where everything is ideas in motion and energy in formation, that we can guide and shape.

Please don't forget that if thinking is peculiar to human beings, laughter is just as much. It is not recommended to take oneself too seriously. Here, our first goal is simply to be filled with joy and wellbeing.

Let's share together an experience that opens new horizons, where each one helps the other when moving forward!


If you keep thinking what you are thinking, you'll keep doing what you are doing and you'll keep getting what you are getting.

What are you thinking?


- Let's Walk the Way through Creative Steps

Creative ideas that flow from intention have a great likelihood of coming to manifestation. The more they are shared with others, the greater are their impact. When it is an intention to positively contribute to a conscious evolution, individually and collectively, the power of our creativity and its influence on our lives and our societies leads us to greater responsibility for co-creating our lives. With our greatly increased capacities today, we are reaching a crucial evolutionary point where innovation and change are essential to avoid a planetary disaster of epic proportion -- including human extinction. To enhance creativity and share it for the benefit of all, connected to all the people walking the same way : here is a system in motion - bigger than the sum of its parts - which can bring about a huge transformation. Those inspired choices have the power to lead us to a new human condition able to co-evolve with nature…


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